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Is Artificial Intelligence A Boon or A Bane?

Artificial Intelligence – Boon or Bane?

Artificial intelligence has become a necessity in the 21st century and there are very few sectors that operate without the help of AI. From asking Alexa to turn off the tube light to using Google Maps to find and reach an unknown café. It has upgraded human life to a great extent and save lots of time. Or has it really? Whether artificial intelligence is a boon or a curse has been a hot topic of debate for years now. Let us find out the conclusion. 

What is Artificial intelligence? It is the proper blend of machine learning, natural language processing, and cognitive computing. The main aim of developing Artificial Intelligence was to use human intelligence to train man-made machines through sophisticated machine learning algorithms and natural language processing algorithms.

No doubt, humans are smart. As humans, we have a certain limit beyond which we cannot perform efficiently and this is where AI bridges the gap of human shortcomings.

With the arrival of artificial intelligence into our lives, we have contemplated what happens if AI takes control of the world or what will happen if machines took over us. Take admission in artificial intelligence classes in Vizag and get to know more about AI concepts.

Let us find out why artificial intelligence has become indispensable in today’s world.  Can you imagine your life without a smartphone or a laptop? No, actually we have become very much dependent on the gifts that AI has offered us. In many cases, AI has proved to be the boon for humankind. Want to know-how let us proceed further.

  1. Error Reduction

In sectors like healthcare and banking, accuracy and precision are very important, everything depends on it. With the help of AI assistance, we can achieve the accuracy of the results. We can’t even imagine the risk of making errors in health issues because the result could be drastic. What if an ailing patient is given the wrong treatment due to wrong calculations?

AI eradicates the possibilities of making mistakes and leaves no room for errors. The activities carried out by AI machines are done with great precision. AI is implemented in search operations, as well as in guiding doctors in complex medical procedures to stay away from the risk of human error.

  1. Eases out difficult tasks

There are several tasks that are beyond our limits but with the employment of AI, we can achieve results without fail. Artificial Intelligence is deployed to tackle dangerous jobs like welding where toxic substances and the intense heat affects the human but cannot affect machines, thus saving human lives. There are some Dangerous jobs like fuel exploration or ocean life exploration that is executed by AI-driven machines to nullify the barrier of human limitation.

  1. Safety and Security

With the computed methods of artificial intelligence, our daily activities have become safe and secure. For this reason, financial institutions and banking institutions are introducing AI to organize and manage data.

Artificial intelligence is used to detect fraudulent cases using a smart card-based system. The human mind is not as precise as artificial machines that is why records are tracked by biometric systems. This is the best way to keep information safe and secure. 

  1. Increase Work Efficiency

Since artificial machines need no breaks and they are programmed to work continuously for long hours unlike human beings, which as a result increases productivity. We need to take a break to work feel fresh and work with efficiency but artificial machines can work at a stretch.

AI machines are programmed to perform a particular type of task because in this way they can work with better efficiency. 

Scientists like Stephen Hawking warned about the risks that AI can pose on human beings. Although it is designed by us, according to several AI researchers, artificial intelligence has the potential to outsmart human beings and dethrone us from the world-ruling position.

As we all know, Artificial intelligence is an independent technology with a separate entity that resembles human beings, capable of making their own decisions and act accordingly.

AI is an attempt by us to reproduce the intelligence of humans in machines without the emotional aspect, AI-driven robots can prove to be dangerous.

Lacking the emotions, AI robots are made with a calculative capacity of human brains. They have a superlative memory, better calculative power along with the decision-making capacity that holds the power of dominating the human beings in the near future.

The sector in which artificial intelligence is implemented is a topic of concern too. When artificial intelligence was introduced, nobody has an idea where we were signing up for. In the debate of whether artificial intelligence is a boon or a bane, it is the greed and intelligence of human beings that should answer it. 

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